How do you know you're improving?

Dentistry is tough. The stresses of clinical work, patient demands and work life balance can leave us with little energy for growth. 

This journal is a tool to harness lessons learnt and focus your growth to become the best you can be.

The 4sight steps

Foresight for your career

Step One

Clarify your goals

Step Four

Stay accountable

Step Two

Get the tools you need


Learning focus, positivity, what went well, refine the craft, lesson learnt

Step Three


Macro Reflection

Track your achievements and objectively identify your strengths and weaknesses


Learn How Others Use
The 4Sight Dental Journal

A fantastic tutor recommended I keep track of the lessons learnt while in university. To this day, that journal still reminds me of valuable tips and lessons and guides my career.

David Keir

Founder 4Sight Dental
& Dental Head Start

Journaling allows you to have an honest conversation with yourself, highlight your successes, think through your failures and make concrete plans and goals for yourself. The 4Sight Dental Journal guides you through this powerful exercise.

Omid Azami

Founder 4Sight Dental
& Noobie Dentist Podcast


The Four Keys of the 4Sight Dental Journal

In this prelude to the daily journal we cover the four keys to achieving success 


What do you want?

What will help you achieve this?

How will you get there?

What will ensure you get there?


By the end of this section you will have gained clarity on your long term goals and identified tools and resources to help you execute to achieve these goals.

The Daily Practice

It is the day to day commitment to learning and improving that will produce the gradual changes that make us better. These daily questions are specifically designed to get you thinking, planning, executing and then reflecting. 


  • Key questions to help get your thinking, reflecting and planning 

  • Daily Quotes and Clinical tips to educate and motivate

Macro Reflection

Accountability is everything. At the end of each week and month, use the journal to track your progress, reflect on the week and month that past and set-up yourself for success by:

  •  planning your commitments

  •  defining your goals

  •  Identifying a key area of focus for the week/month ahead

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