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Introducing the productivity tool designed  to help dentists plan, measure and succeed in their personal and professional lives. This daily planner and journal takes out the guess work in self improvement and development. Simply commit to becoming a better dentist and use this journal to help guide you there.

The First Daily Journal Created Specifically for Dentists, by Dentists.

The 4Sight Dental Journal is the product of hundreds of hours of podcast interviews and the lessons learned from top performing dentists from around the world as well as extensive research into the habits of high achieving individuals. The answer is that there are no short-cuts. Progress and growth in anything we do comes from deliberate and persistent effort. Luckily we have done the research for you and the 4Sight Dental Journal can be your secret weapon in progressing in your dental career.

Use the daily to master the 4 keys of achieving success:

  • Clarity – what do you want?
  • Tools – what will help you achieve this?
  • Execution – How will you get there?
  • Accountability – How will you stay committed to the process?
Journal Specs:

Introductory workbook. 180 day daily planner with daily quotes and clinical tips. Weekly and monthly reflections .


Morning Mindset and Goal Setting, Evening Reflection

Before you head into work, identify your intent and learning focus for the day. Use the daily quotes and or clinical tips for inspiration. The AM portion of the journal will focus your goals and mindset, getting you ready to crush your day at work.  After work or before bed, reflect back on the day that was. Did you accomplish what you set out to? What did you learn and how can you improve?

Zoom out to the Macro and Reflect

Accountability is everything. At the end of each week and month, use the journal to track your progress, reflect on the week and month that past and set-up yourself for success by:

  •  planning your commitments
  •  defining your goals
  •  Identifying a key area of focus for the week/month ahead


I've thoroughly enjoyed the easy to follow layout of the 4sight journal which encourages you to take a few moments to reflect on your day. As a new grad, or at any stage of your career you are constantly learning and the 4Sight Dental Journal has been a fantastic tool to reflect, review and improve my skills professionally and personally!
Dr. Sheryl George

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The 4Sight Dental Graduate Accelerator Webinar is designed to give you three key pillars of information to help you transition from university to private practice.

Part 1: Getting A Job with Dr Omid Azami

Part 2: Communication and Building your List with Dr David Keir

Part 3: Fast Track to Success with Dr Jesse Green

The Savvy Dentist Podcast

Created by Australia's Leading Dental Podcasters, Drs. David Keir, Omid Azami and Jesse Green

David Keir - Founder of 4Sight Dental & Dental Head Start Podcast

A fantastic tutor recommended I keep track of the lessons learnt while in university. To this day, that journal still reminds me of valuable tips and lessons and guides my career.

Omid Azami - Founder of 4Sight Dental & Noobie Dentist Podcast

Journaling allows you to have an honest conversation with yourself, highlight your successes, think through your failures and make concrete plans and goals for yourself. The 4Sight Dental Journal guides you through this powerful exercise.

What are you waiting for?

Join the hundreds of dentists and dental students who have taken the step towards improvement by grabbing this valueable tool. The 4Sight Dental Journal can be purchased here and ships worldwide!

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